If anyone is in the same boat....house worth much less than mortgage...then you are screwed with this lender. Great to buy a home at the top of the bubble only to have the floor fall out from under me.

I begged AHMSI for a year to work with me on the crappy loan they bought for HSBC (the drug money launders from the UK). I submitted form after form after form....to no avail. I finally was contacted by an outside company I had to pay $2500 to so that I could get my loan modified. Such a scam...so I didn't pay my mortgage that month to pay the outside company, the bank tacked on an extra month to my loan, + tacked on closing fees which were in NO paperwork I signed anywhere.

Now they show as "late fees". No matter what I have done with this company...they are HORRIBLE....and I have NO WAY OUT, as I am upside down on my mortgage.

I wish they would get investigated. Their unscrupulous tactics have to be stopped.

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