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I just want to let everyone know that I called this company weekly and always sent all required documents via fax and mail and every single time they would lie about not receiving the documents.Then once they did receive the documents they said I passed the deadline and I\'d have to start all over again.

I\'m really exhausted by the efforts but I keep trying. I had no idea this many people are having these kinds of issues and I\'m starting to think we need to lawyer up and file a law suit against these banks and mortgage companies. I don\'t even know how these people sleep at night that work for them. Every time I\'d get discusted that they didn\'t receive the info they would ask me if I\'d like to sign the propert over for short sale.

They didn\'t even seem to care.

I can tell you I\'m in this place till next Spring because of my kids in school but if they don\'t help get this ship back on tract I\'m done with a big fat bankruptcy and I\'ll start over.I can at least say I tried.

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I had some health issues last fall and had to have two major surgeries. One in November before the holidays and one in January. I also have three kids and a rising interest rate. I found it hard to pay my mortgage while off but did. It was generally late so of course they tacked the fee's on and in Feb. 2011 I made a payment while off work recovering and in March it didn't refelct the payment.

It showed the payment on my bank statement and I called them and they basically said I never made the payment and repeatedly said I was lying and asked me to fax over the statement I faxed this thing so many times I was about to just pack up and move out but I finally got crazy on the phone and asked for a supervisor and he eventually corrected it but not the late fee's and the credit report where they claimed I didn't pay. This took from Feb. till May. Then since my mortgage was about tripple and I had all these medical problems and medical bills to pay I applied for the making homes affordable program.

Let me tell you this was the biggest bunch of fraud I've ever seen in all my 34 years. I faxed this paperwork and mailed over a dozen times from May till August and everytime something was always missing so they said. I finally got a lady to give me her e-mail address and they couldn't except it from her because she wasn't assigned to my case. So now they say I've passed the deadline even though they have all the documents now. They said I may qaulify for a regular modification which will still suck as they always include escrow and in it they require insurance of their choice and the payment will not be lowered by much I'm sure.

My house payment was 415.00 when I bought it through my home town bank and then refinanced it and borrowed 5,000 to pay off some bills and now my payment is 840.00 a month. Can you imagine and it just keeps climbing. I'm thinking of getting a lawyer and filing a suit. Why can't we since the Govt. is?

Monetary Loss: $67000.

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We originally borrowed 98,000 in 2004 on our home and today I want to pay it off before they foreclose on the property and they say we have to pay them $123,172.Homeward Residential formerly AHMSI formerly Citi Residential Lending Formerly Ameriquest mortgage is truly crooks and I wish I could bring a suit against them for all the stress they have me and my family through.

I have been in my home for 28 years and because of this company raising our payments up so high I may loose it leaving me, my husand and three children homeless.

This company does not care, if they did they would be willing to settle my account for the $90,000 that I had offered that a family member had agreed to pay to clear my account with them.I have been mislead so many time by this company and I am truly fed up with it.


If you need help modifying your loan w/ AHMSI CALL THIS NUMBER: 714.888.1040 and ask for Taylor.He called me out of the blue and offered to help me modify my loan with no up front costs.

I had my new loan terms 45 days after we submitted my package!My payment went from $2500 a month to $1200 a month!!!!


In the same boat here! We did all the requested paperwork, and they did the same exact thing to us!! Apparently, they are doing this to everyone!


AHMSI cannot be reviewed by themselves.They are in partnership/association with Lender Processing Services (LPS) and local foreclosure mills also have utilized MERS and


this fraud is Nationwide in blatant defiance of State and Federal laws....

Judges and state atty gen are just getting up to date

AHMSI et al from originator to lender all are working together to coverup what has been done ala RICO.Our government at all levels with few exceptions have dropped the ball on homeowners who were defrauded by this collective group.


re AHMSI I have filed a lawsuit on my own in Lancaster CA I prepaid my payments for 6months, they misappropriated the funds and foreclosed on my house that I owned for 15 years for 2 months of payments they said I didn't pay ($1800).PLEASE!!!

I am looking for an attorney who will review my filed case and take on contingency or part of a class action.

I am currently filing a les pendis on my property.You may contact me at


If anybody is filing a class action suit against AHMSI PLEEEASE let me know!!8-1-11 I sent in all requested documentation for the Making Home Affordable Mortgage Modification Application.....low and behold?...they need more documentation...met that deadline 9-6-11.

They want more! Immediately sent it 9-8-11! Today? 9-13-11 I get a call saying they have estimated date to Sell My Home In January of 2012?!??!!

Tried to tell me I needed more documentation! I went off! She disconnected from the line. Called my personal contact Monica Kelly and the Supervisor in Texas...Henry Cruz and then called and got a India...transferred to USA and spoke with Trina who says I have all required documentation in.

HA!! So am I under foreclosure review?

AAAARGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Feel free to let me know and I'll jump in on the lawsuit!

to Karla Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States #609410


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