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AHMSI is trying to excelerate our loan to 32,000 dollars and we have paid every month on time. They call us every month with a different amount that we owe.They told us they were being audited by the IRS.

I dont know If this is true or not I am just looking for help on this issue.

Everytime they call they try to put us on hold and come up with a fake supervisor. I am so pissed because we pay every month and they are trying to mess with our home and lifestyle that we have provided for our children.

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In 2008 AHMSI was our lender, our previous lender sold our loan to them. Both my husband & I lost our jobs in 2008 & in 2009 I tried for 9 months to get a HAMP modification with AHMSI.

All I got was the run around & in the end was told we did not make enough money to get the modification, we needed $1,000 more income a month to qualify.

If we had $1,200 more a month WE WOULDN'T NEED A MODIFICATION! I still have all the paperwork & correspondence so if anybody knows of a class lawsuit against this company PLEASE contact me....mscodie1@comcast.net.


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