In reading what everyone has written, applies to me as well. This has been the worse mortgage company to deal with.

Yes, they did me the same way with trying to modify the loan, I completed the paperwor four times and they said I didn't complete it accurately. They declined payments when I contacted them, got a balance, cashier's check with the exact amount, they still rejected the payment. I have filed a complaint with Consumer's protection Agency but would like to know if there is a class-action law suit filed in the state of Michigan.

If so, I would like to join it. This company needs to be stopped.

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Is there an Illinois class action suit? I am going on two years of this bs and physically can't handle it anymore and don't know what to do. I'm mailing my papers to the IL Attorney General but don't think that will do anything


same here ! they tell you to fill out these papers - fax them to them ,then this paper is missing ,that paper is missing .

a Law suit im in! .they are easy to loose whatever you send and tell you its not complete, then they say send in another one.

and there is no office that you can just walk into- I think this place is stealing information from me. Im done with them!

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