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I thought AHMSI was helping me when the put me on the Forebarence program but in actually they were messing up my credit.They asked me to make a 3 month payment they set for me to help me out and help modify my mortgage.

When the 3 months ended they asked me to resubmit all my documents because what I submitted 3 months prior was no long valid. They took my money and put it in a compound fund and left me with 3 months of late payment showing on my credit report which carried for 6 months and my credit went in to the tank. I ended up selling my house as a traditional sale and found out this was the case when I tried to by another home the they reported me that way.

Talking about getting played.Please do not Trust this company cause I found out they do not modify or help their clients in any way besides taking their money and send all customer service off shore.


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Camden, Alabama, United States #625547

Offshore Customer Service. Were they of Indian decent?

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