I am a hard working American with a wife and three daughters. I have a good paying job and still working to this day.

We were also hit by the misfortune of the real estate market from this economy and had to turn to chapter 7 BK -and lost everything we worked hard for. The intent is to file the BK so we can afford our mortgage payment in our primary home and have trying to do a loan modification on our home which we've owned for ten years and had refinanced back 2004. They did give us an offer but an offer that had a balloon payment of $380,000 at the end of the loan which did not make any sense at all! They basically double the price of the home.

To make a long story short while waiting for our discharge from the BK which is at the end of this month , they gave us a call on January 13 and and the foreclosed on our house as of january 12. Today, January 26 the gave us a notice to vacate the property while in BK. All the way thru this we tried to contact the bank an would not return any of our phone calls. I feel that they really ned to take out American from there name.

I've filled a complaint to Office of Thrift Supervision Department of Treasury which forewards it to the Office of the Attorney General.

I just them to know to all the people at American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.

"Thank You So Much for putting another American Family out on the streets!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish to see you all "AHMSI" out there on the streets with me!!!!!

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Texas AG Greg Abbott filed a permanent injunction on AHMSI last year! Go to the TX AG's page and you can print out a copy!

Ive been fighting them in Bryan after they refused to accept payment back on November of '09 and then filed for foreclosure. The judge here has been very fair with me and while I still haven't been able to make a payment, I am still in my home. They'll get it over my cold dead body! They are not a mortgage company but Deutsche Bank, who bought the loan a few months ago sent a lawyer to court ordered mediation and then stood in front of the judge and lied to him that AHMSI has the power to modify the loan.

Same thing happened with me. I have sent 9 out of 12 identical packets to them then they said they needed more info. They sent the same *** packet every time though. I hope this helps some of you as it has me!

My advice...go to every court date and tell the judge what they did. I have and so far it is working. I found this AG injunction Monday which accuses them of everything they did to us n more! God bless US All!

Obama..go to ***! Your changes have only made things worse!


same story here. I'm glad 2 billion in tarp that I contributed to, is given 2 crooks.

thanks obama for the change! from my house to someone elses ahole


Contact the TX AG's office and file a complaint via their website.




My wife and I have been trying to get our mortgage modified for the last several months. makinghomeaffordable.gov

Same results, fax a million pages, call 2 days later.

sorry, still missing pages blah blah blah. We just filed a complaint with our AG in Massachusetts. Tell everyone to read up about what AG Coakley is doing here.

Obama should hear about it as well as all state officials. These thieves should be sent to prison and responsible local banks should receive an incentive for helping each of us refinance and get on with our lives.


I can't believe I am reading this message. We are having the same problem except, they are supposively offering us a gov.t program to help us renegotiate the note so we can stay in our home.

To date I have been working with them since Feb.

and to no avail. Each time they call, they seem to want another piece of paper......maybe it is time for us to walk and cut the losses.........you are not alone

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